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Chauvet DJ

  • Chauvet DJ EVE Track Fresnel

    Chauvet DJ EVE Track Fresnel

    EVE TF-20 is a compact, energy efficient, soft edge LED accent luminaire that can function as a regular PAR can, while its classic Fresnel style emulates stage and theatrical lighting. Conveniently...

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  • Chauvet DJ Fxpar 3

    Chauvet DJ Fxpar 3

    FXpar 3 is a compact effect par with multiple technologies in a single fixture. It includes three 8W Quad-color (RGB+UV) center LEDs, RGB SMD LED lights and SMD strobes. Separate control of these...

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  • Chauvet DJ Helicopter Q6

    Chauvet DJ Helicopter Q6

    Helicopter Q6 is a multi-effect effect light designed to dazzle and energize the dance floor. It features adjustable RGBW beams, a round SMD strobe and a red/green pattern laser on a rotating base...

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  • Chauvet DJ FXpar 9

    Chauvet DJ FXpar 9

    FXpar 9 is a dynamic and compact multi-effect fixture. It has an outer ring of RGB+UV LEDs, a center LED, and SMD strobes, each featuring separate control.  Multiple zones allow for spectacular...

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