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Rosco Gobo Projectors

  • Rosco iPro Image Projector 265 25100 0120

    Rosco iPro Image Projector

    iPro Image ProjectorTM Using the iPro Image Projector and a typical theatrical spotlight, project virtually any image you want - quickly, affordably, and easily. A simple device provides an ingenious solution... In short, the iPro Image Projector...

    MSRP: $328.50
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  • Rosco iPro One-Time Slide Mount Kit 265 27999 0860

    Rosco iPro One-Time Slide Mount Kit

    Need to create your own custom full color gobo?  This one time use slide kit, when used in conjunction with the iPro Image Projector, allows you to create your very own custom full color gobos with an ink jet printer and transparency film...

    MSRP: $35.70
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  • Rosco iPro Slide Film 10 Sheet Pack

    iPro Slide Film Letter Size For use with the Rosco iPro. iPro Slide Film has been formulated from the ground up to produce the highest quality iPro Slide possible.   iPro Slide Film - 10 sheet pack (LTR size) 265 27995 0010

    MSRP: $40.45
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