Halloween Tape

Light Theatrics offers a variety of tapes to meet just about every need. 

Are you looking for a matte black fabric tape that is strong and durable?  Check out our line of 2" Polyken 510 gaffer tapes available in black & white and also neon colors that fluoresce under blacklight. 

Need to mark areas so that they can safely be seen in the dark?  Be sure and use Light Theatrics Glow Tape.    Available in 1"x 10 yard rolls.  A little glow tape can go a long way.  This tape "charges" under normal light and then glows a greenish yellow color in the dark.

Do you like to color code your extension cables for easy identification?  We make it simple with our convenient Spike Tape Pak which includes 9 rolls of 1/2" x 20yd rolls.

1 each of Red, Grey, White, Brown, Yellow, FL Pink, FL Green, FL Yellow & FL Orange.