Halloween Lighting

Let’s face it lighting can make or break the look of your project. Whether you are just starting out and looking for plug & play strobes & blacklights or you know your way around a lighting console and are looking for programmable moving head fixtures with all of the bells and whistles, Light Theatrics offers options to fit every budget and skill level.  Looking for something specific from one of our suppliers that is not listed?  Contact us and we would be happy to provide you with pricing.


    American DJ UV LED BAR20 IR

    The UV LED BAR20 IR is a high output ultraviolet LED backlight that comes with the UC IR wireless remote for easy control of On/Off and strobe speed. It’s powered by 20x 1-Watt UV LEDs with a maximum power draw of only 30W. The beam angle of...
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  • American DJ Gobo Projector IR

    American DJ Gobo Projector IR

      The ADJ Gobo Projector IR is a white 12W LED projector that comes with 4 GOBO patterns and 4 color gels. Custom GOBOs may be inserted for monogramming events or company logos for corporate functions. There is a FX switch on the rear panel to...
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  • American DJ UV Flood 36

    American DJ UV Flood 36

    The ADJ UV Flood 36 is a compact 36W LED Blacklight for permanent or portable applications. Offering a wide coverage, DMX connectivity and optional Dotz Par RF wireless remote (sold separately), the UV Flood 36 creates ultraviolet rays of pure lighting...
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  • Elation Protron 3K LED Strobe

    Elation Protron 3K LED Strobe

    The Protron 3K™ is a new high powered LED strobe featuring (200) CREE™ 3W Cool White LEDs, 80,000 lumens, 120° beam angle, (2) power modes (HIGH or LOW), strobe effect macros including burst, pulse, lighting, and full ON*, (2) silent...
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  • American DJ UV COB Cannon

    American DJ UV COB Cannon

    The UV COB Cannon is an LED Light Fixture from ADJ that offers powerful ultraviolet light production using state of the art COB LEDs and solid state electronics. It creates wash lighting, pulse, and strobe effects for any event needed. Can operate in...
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