Halloween Fog Fluid

  • Ultratec Maxi Fluid by the Case

    Ultratec Maxi Fluid by the Case

    Ultratec Maxi Fluid by the Case. 4 x 4 Liter Containers. The perfect balance between price and performance. Maxi Fog Fluid is the ideal solution for those who require high volume without compromise. SAFE FOR USE ON LIVE STAGE...
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  • Ultratec Molecular Fluid by the Case

    Ultratec Molecular Fog Fluid by the Case

    Ultratec Molecular Fog Fluid, 4 Liter Container A faster dissipation versus the Director's Choice Fog Fluid. This thick, clean, white fog is an optimal solution for a dense low-lying fog effect when chilled with the LSG or LSX machines. SAFE...
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