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Antari Foggers & Hazers

Antari Foggers & Hazers

  • Antari Z-350 Fazer ANF350

    Antari Z-350 Fazer

    Antari Z-350 Fazer The adoption of air pump technology not only enables Z-350 to generate dry haze but also provides its heater self cleaning function. Z-350 comes with larger diameter tube which substantially reduces the risk of heater clog. Extremely...

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  • Antari Z-1020 Horizontal Fog Machine Z-1020

    Antari Z-1020 Horizontal Fog Machine

    Antari Z-1020 Horizontal Fog Machine Perhaps the biggest innovation in Antaris Z-Series II is the Z-1020, a totally new flat horizontal unit thats designed for specialized applications. As unusual as it looks on the outside, the Z-1020 has something...

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  • Antari AF-3 Fan ANF167

    Antari AF-3 Fan

    The Antari AF-3™ is a mini but all-purpose stage fan with features 4 control options linear output control, low power consumption, adjustable output directions and a durable road worthy metal housing in a compact package. With on board DMX control...

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  • Antari AF-5 Special Effects Fan AF-5H

    Antari AF-5 Special Effects Fan

    FEATURESPower: AC120V, 60HzHorsepower: 1 HPDimensions: (L) 20.9" (530mm) x (W) 18.5" (470mm) x (H) 19.3" (490mm)Dimension of Vent: (L) 17.9" (454mm) x (H) 6" (153mm)Weight: 38.6 lbs. (17.5 kg)Material of Case: Plastic (Polypropylene)3 Speed FanDMX...

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  • Antari HZ-500 Haze Machine HZ-500

    Antari HZ-500 Haze Machine

    Antari HZ-500 Haze MachineAntari is proud to unveil the most up-to-date Hazer, HZ-500, to the entertainment industry. HZ-500 is a groundbreaking masterpiece created by Antari R&D team with enormous experience in studying and designing haze machines...

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  • Antari F-7 SMAZE Arena Fog/Faze Hybrid (ANF007)

    Antari F-7 SMAZE Arena Fog/Faze Hybrid

    The new Antari F-7™ is the ultimate all-in-one hybrid touring atmospheric effect machine. Features include Fog and Faze modes which can produce fast and powerful arena size fog or thin layer haze effects in minutes, a 9-position output fan, digital...

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