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American DJ DMX Solutions

  • American DJ 4 Stream DMX Bridge

    American DJ 4 Stream DMX Bridge

    4 STREAM DMX Bridge is a compact 4-universe wireless device which seamlessly bridges WiFi, Art-Net, sACN, and WiFLY (ADJ wireless DMX solution) signals to wirelessly control compatible DMX devices with control from the Airstream DMX Pro App for iPad...

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  • American DJ Airstream DMX Bridge

    Details The ADJ Airstream DMX Bridge is a powerful DMX control software for iOS mobile devices (iPad and iPhone) that may be downloaded from the App Store. The hardware creates a wireless WIFI DMX network to control DMX lighting fixtures. It is...

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  • American DJ WiFLY EXR Battery

    A true wireless solution! The ADJ WiFLY EXR Battery is a battery powered wireless DMX transceiver (transmitter/receiver in one) that is compatible with all ADJ WiFLY “EXR” products. After connecting the WiFLY EXR Battery transceiver to a DMX...

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  • American DJ D6 Branch

    American DJ D6 Branch

    American DJ D6 Branch The D6 Branch is a 6-way DMX Splitter/amplifier. Each output is electrically and optically isolated from the input, and from every other output by optical couplers. It makes running DMX cable to lighting fixtures easier and more...

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